Saúl A. Blanco Rodríguez

Why the long name?

Indiana University
School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
3066 Luddy Hall
700 N. Woodlawn Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47408


I'm interested in combinatorics, discrete mathematics, and theoretical computer science, and interactions betweeen these fields. In general, I like thinking about and finding patterns in different kinds of structures.


Fall 2018
  • B351/Q351: Intro to AI

For registered students, all the information, including offie hours, can be found using Canvas.


  • Cycles in the burnt pancake graph (with C. Buehrle and A. Patidar). Preprint available through arXiv.

  • Some relations on prefix reversal generators of the symmetric and hyperoctahedral group (with C. Buehrle). Preprint available through arXiv.
  • Weak Z-property of the absolute order on groups generated by sets closed under taking inverses. Order, to appear. [link].

  • Flip posets of Bruhat intervals. Electron. J. Combin., 25(4):#P4.16, 2018. [link].

  • Best Arm Identification in Linear Bandits with Linear Dimension Dependency (with C. Tao and Y. Zhou). Proceedings of the 2018 ICML. [link].
  • Tracking Natural Events through Social Media and Computer Vision (with J. Wang, M. Korayem, and D. Crandall). Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Multimedia Conference, 1097-1101, 2016. [link].
  • Counting Dyck paths by area and rank (with T. K. Petersen), Ann. Comb., 18(2):171– 197, 2014. [link]. Preprint available through arXiv.
  • Bandwidth of the product of paths of the same length (with L. J. Billera), Discrete Appl. Math., 161(18):3080–3086, 2013. [link]. Preprint available through arXiv.
  • Shortest path poset of Bruhat Intervals, J. Algebraic Combin., 38(3):585–596, 2013. [link]. A preliminary version appears in the Proceedings of the 23 FPSAC, DMTCS proc. AO, 2011, 191-198. [pdf] .
  • The complete cd-index of dihedral and universal Coxeter groups, Electron. J. Combin., 18(1):#P174, 2011 [pdf]
  • Tromping games: tiling with trominoes, INTEGERS, Electr. J. Combinat. Number Theory 11(A): Article #6, 2011 (with A. Fraenkel). [pdf]
  • Shortest path poset of finite Coxeter groups, Proceedings of the 21 FPSAC, DMTCS proc. AK, 2009, 189-200. [pdf]
  • Others

  • Active Learning in a Discrete Mathematics Class. In SIGCSE ’18: Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education , 828-833.[link]
  • Teaching in a collaborative Classroom. AMS Blog on Teaching and Learning Mathematics, June 2017. [link]

  • An Epidemic Model of HSV-1 with Vaccination, Technical Report MTBI-02-04M, Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (with A. Acosta, E. Bar-Zohar, D. Luli, and L. Gao) [pdf]. This is a technical report prepared at the end of a summer program. It won't appear anywhere else, but I think it is interesting.