Sanchari Das

I am a Doctoral Candidate,

User Experience Researcher, Security and Privacy Engineer, Traveler, Dance & Music Enthusiast, Photographer, and Humane.

My research interests are - Usable Privacy and Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Social Media Research,
Third - Party Privacy, User Risk Perception, Online Harassment, Human Computer Interaction, and Risk Communication.

Adviser: Dr. L. Jean Camp

Collaborators: Dr. Christena Nippert-Eng, Dr. Apu kapadia, Dr. Sameer Patil, Dr. Patrick Shih, and Dr. John Paolillo

Email: sancdas AT

Address: 901 E 10th St Informatics West, Indiana University Bloomington, USA.


JAN 2019 - Present

American Express

Information Security Engineer and Manager
Director : Mr. Abhijeet Gandharwar
Working on Secrets Management and Multi-Factor Authentication for App based interactions.

MAY 2017 - Present


Research Assistant
Adviser : Dr. L. Jean Camp
Worked on Usability and Acceptability of Two-Factor Authentication Techniques.
Worked on Online Risk Communication indicators.

AUGUST 2018 - DEC 2018


Associate Instructor
Instructors : Dr. Jeffrey Bardzell
Taught graduate level course “Experience Design".

MAY 2018 - JULY 2018


Research Assistant
Adviser : Dr. Apu Kapadia
I am working on how users behave across several social media platforms with a focus on their privacy and security concerns.

AUGUST 2016 - MAY 2018


Masters of Science
Adviser: Dr. Sameer Patil
Major: Informatics
Track: Security

AUGUST 2017 - MAY 2018


Associate Instructor
Instructors : Dr. Ryan Henry, Dr. Sameer Patil
Taught undergraduate level course “Introduction to the Mathematics of Cybersecurity”.
Taught graduate level course “Legal and Social Informatics of Security”.

AUGUST 2016 - MAY 2017


Research Assistant
Adviser: Dr. Sameer Patil
Studied online behavioral patterns of individuals affected by privacy and security concerns.

MAY 2013 - MAY 2016


Master of Computer Applications
Adviser: Asst. Prof. Mridul Barik
Thesis: Design and Development of Web Application “Sports Academy Management”.

JANUARY 2016 - MAY 2016


Graduate Intern
Mentor: Mr. Prashanth Shakthivel
Created RESTful web service for cross platform web application using C#, Visual Studio, JS, REST, Materialize CSS, and WebAPI2.

MAY 2010 - MAY 2013


Bachelor of Computer Applications
Adviser: Asst. Prof. Madhurima Banerjee
Research Project: Design and Development of a Search Engine and Web Application “People Management System”.

JUNE 2012 - JULY 2012


Undergraduate Intern
Adviser: Mr. Abhishek Banerjee
Enhanced and developed new applications and software in Windows environment using C#, .NET Framework.


  • Abu Saleh Md Noman,  Sanchari Das, and Sameer Patil. "Techies Against Facebook: Understanding Negative Sentiment Toward Facebook via User Generated Content." Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference on Computer Human Interraction (CHI). ACM, 2019.
  • Jayati Dev, Sanchari Das, and L. Jean Camp. "Privacy Practices, Preferences, and Compunctions WhatsApp Users in India." Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Human Aspects of Information Security & Assurance (HAISA 2018).
  • Sanchari Das, Jayati Dev, and Kaushik Srinivasan. "Modularity is the Key: A New Approach to Social Media Privacy Policies." Proceedings of the 7th Annual Mexican Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. ACM, 2018.
  • Jayati Dev, Sanchari Das, and L. Jean Camp. "Understanding privacy concerns of whatsapp users in India: poster." Proceedings of the 5th Annual Symposium and Bootcamp on Hot Topics in the Science of Security. ACM, 2018.
  • Joshua Streiff, Olivia Kenny, Sanchari Das, Andrew Leeth, and L. Jean Camp. "Who's Watching Your Child? Exploring Home Security Risks with Smart Toy Bears." In Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI), 2018 IEEE/ACM Third International Conference on, pp. 285-286. IEEE, 2018.
  • Sanchari Das, Andrew C. Dingman, and Dr. L. Jean Camp. “Why Johnny Doesn’t Use Two Factor: A Two-Phase Usability Study of the FIDO U2F Security Key.” In Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC, 2018).
  • Sanchari Das, Gianpaolo Russo, Andrew C. Dingman, Jayati Dev, Olivia Kenny, and Dr. L. Jean Camp. “A Qualitative Study on Usability and Acceptability of Yubico Security Key.” In Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Socio-Technical Aspects in Security and Trust (STAST 2017).
  • Sanchari Das, Javon Goard, and Dakota Murray. “How Celebrities Feed Tweeples with Personal and Promotional Tweets: Celebrity Twitter Use and Audience Engagement.” In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society (SM& S, 2017).


  • Presented at RSA 2019 about Multi-Factor Authentication and Risk Communication.
  • Symposium panelist at RSA 2019 on Human Behaviour, Privacy, and Security
  • Presented at BlackHat 2018 about Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Presented our workshop paper on Modular Privacy Policies at Mexican Conference on Human-Computer Interraction (MexiHC) and at Workshop in Privacy and Security (WIPS) (SOUPS Workshop) 2018.
  • Presented poster on Risk Communication Toolbar at GHC 2018.
  • Workshop panelist in IU ProHealth graduate school admissions workshop.
  • Keynote Speaker at WiC symposium, CEWiT 2016 and 2017 Symposium.
  • Posters presented at IoTDI 2018, Midwest Security Conference 2018, FTC PrivacyCon 2018, and WiCyS 2018
  • Presented papers in (SM&S) 2017 conference, InfoSocial 2018, STAST 2017, CEWiT2016 and 2017 symposium.
  • Gave lightning talks in WEIS 2017 and CyberW (CCS) 2017.
  • Guest Lecturer for Info-i 590 "Privacy Information and Identity"and Info-i 537 "Legal and Social Informatics of Security".


  • Invited as a Judge for the Cyber 9/12 2019 Competition
  • Google Student Award for CRA-E Professional Development Workshop for Teaching Track Faculty at SIGCSE 2019.
  • NSF Student Award for Cybersecurity Summit for Large Facilities and Cyberinfrastructure 2018.
  • Student Volunteer at CHI 2018.
  • Poster awarded the first place in the 3rd ACM / IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI) 2018.
  • Student award for Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) (2017, 2018) and Women in Computing (WiC) 2017.
  • Travel awards for Financial Cryptography (FC) 2018, Workshop forWomen in Cyber Security (CyberW) 2017, Security and Privacy inWireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec) 2017, and Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS) 2017.
  • First Place in Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) 2017 Poster Competition.
  • Semi-finalist for Cyber 9/12 2017.


  • Taught graduate level course “Experience Design” in an Asosciate Instructor (AI) capacity.
  • Taught graduate level course “Legal and Social Informatics of Security” in an AI capacity.
  • Taught undergraduate level course “Introduction to the Mathematics of Cybersecurity” in an AI capacity.
  • Taught undergraduate level computer science courses such as, Computer Programming Languages (C, C#, Java, Python , etc.), Operating Systems , Database Management Systems, Analytical abilities, etc. as an Lecturer
  • Taught "Introduction to Programming" at Foundation of Science and Mathematics summer school as an Instructor
  • More than 13 years of experience of teaching STEM subjects to High School Students as Lecturer.


  • Organizing a Campus Climate Workshop: Students and Instructors as Co-Learners.
  • Teaching in Foundations in Science and Mathematics (FSM) summer courses for high school students at Indiana University.
  • Assisted in organizing an IoT Workshop : Best Practices In The IoT
  • Volunteered for Women in Computing Conference (INWiC) for Poster Session.
  • Volunteered for New Students Campus Meet at Indiana University in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Mentored Groups Scholars Program Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students, Lane Skutt (BS), Joshua D. Johnson (BS), Niang En Chun (BS).
  • Mentored Research Experience for undergraduates (REU) students - Chetan Mehta, (BS), Andrew Kim (BS), HyeonJung Jee (BS), Olivia Kenny (BS), Brady M. Davis (BS), Sophia Marie Puzzello (BS).
  • Mentored undergraduate students for research opportunities (UROC & Capstone) - Bingxing Wang (BS), Ashley Kaufman, Zachary Tingle (BS), Kiarra Pratchett (BS), Ebuka Egbunam (BS) Sabrina Sanchez (BS), Ke Xu (BS), Gabriel Lahman (BS), Stephen Railing (BS), Gahyeon Jung (BS), and Jee Yune Lee (BS).
  • Mentored graduate students - Hilda Hadan (PhD), Jayati Dev (PhD), Kaushik Srinivasan (MS), Sagar Vora (MS).




Participant and Non-Participant Observation




Usability Testing


Think - Aloud Studies


Statistical Data Analysis 


Case Studies


Focus Group


Diary Studies


Field Studies



R '/' RQDA


Programming Languages (C/C++, C#, JAVA, Python)


Web Development Tools (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, RESTful Web Services, MVC Framework, Visual Studio, .NET, Bootstrap)









Collaborators: Dr. L. Jean Camp, Dr. Srirang Mare, Dr. Lisa Huber, Joshua Streiff, Andrew Dingman, Gianpaolo Russo, Jayati Dev, Olivia Kenny.

To mitigate password vulnerabilities, Multi-Factor Authentication, comes as a solution. I have worked on the user side of privacy and security by following qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods to provide actionable recommedations and effective insights for improving security hygiene of individuals and in turn enable protecting the online user data by exploring mental models and user experience.

social media

Social Media Privacy and Security

Collaborators: Dr. L. Jean Camp, Dr. Apu Kapadia, Dr. Sameer Patil, Dr. Tousif Ahmed, Dr. Irina Shklovski, Jayati Dev, Abu Salem Noman, Morgan L Brockman.

Social media privacy and security is a major concern due to technological advancement and an increased user involvement. I have worked on several social media and Mobile messaging platforms, including, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to learn about the user privacy concerns and generate actionable solutions to enhance online user data and mitigate privacy concerns of individuals.


Phishing & Risk Communication

Collaborators: Dr. L. Jean Camp, Dr. Jim Blythe, Dr. Timothy Kelley, DongInn Kim, Jacob Abbott.

Phishing is the most common yet effective cybersecurity attack. I am involved in creating and learning risk communication tools which is effective in communicating risks to users by successfully catering to their mental models developed from user focused studies.

smart Toys

IOT Privacy and Security

Collaborators: Dr. L. Jean Camp, Joshua Streiff, Olivia Kenny, Ashley Kaufman.

IoT devices have become a part of our everyday usage. User studies focusing on the privacy concerns and understanding the security concerns of the smart devices escpecially that of smart toys are been studied.


Online Interactions

Collaborators: Dr. Apu Kapadia, Dr. Patrick Shih, Dr. Sameer Patil, Dr. John Paolillo, Dr. Tousif Ahmed, Dakota Murray, Javon Goard, Swapna Joshi, Aehong Min, Alec Theisman.

Online interractions have increased considerably since the advent of interraction. Through this research I aim in understadning how users interract online to communicate with their audience.


Security Threats of E-Waste

Collaborators: Dr. Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, Dr. Ghazanfar Latif, Dr. Jaafar M. Alghazo, Dr. Abhijeet Das, Biswajit Debnath, Adrija Das.

E-waste has increased considerably over the last few years. With environmental concerns, security of such discarded and refurbished devices are often understudies. Our reseach provides effective recommednations to mitigate such risks.

  • Web Applications
  • Sports Academy Management System
  • Search Engine
  • People Management System
  • Book-O-Mania (Library Management System)