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Contextualizing the Google Manifesto

August 12, 2017     #media #research

“We’re just starting to acknowledge the work that these women did — but that’s a fault of our history, not a function of their lack of presence. They were invisible, but they weren’t absent.”1

The... <more>

History of Computer Dating

July 23, 2016     #media

National Geographic has produced an excellent series on the history of sex and sexuality. As part of that series, they ran an episode on sex and technology. If you watch closely, you can see me talking about the <more>

The Art of Software Maintenance

April 05, 2016     #research #media

It often surprises my students when I tell them that as much as 60-80% of all software development effort (time and money) goes into software maintenance. After all, software is not a technology that we think of as “breaking down”... <more>

Hipster HoC @ SXSW

February 15, 2016     #media

On March 12 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX, I will be presenting as part of a panel on the untold history of women in computing. If you happen to be in Austin for SXSW, come see... <more>

Review of Turing's Cathedral

June 29, 2013     #media

Writing book reviews is one of the more important but least rewarded of all academic activities. Every professional researcher, particularly those in the humanities and social sciences, relies extensively on book reviews to keep current with a large and growing... <more>

Pioneers in Informatics

November 29, 2012     #media

Beginning on Monday (12/3/2012), Radio Österreich (Austrian public radio) will be running a series on gender and computer science. I was interviewed for the project, and so if you want to hear me summarize my research on the history of... <more>

Stanford University: Making Programming Masculine

February 26, 2011     #media

On February 28 I will be giving a talk at Stanford on gender issues in the history of the computing professions. The seminar is being jointly hosted by the program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS), the History and Philosophy... <more>

Managing your digital persona

February 22, 2010     #media

Academic careers are based on reputation, and for younger scholars at least part of that reputation is based on your online persona. But online personas are notoriously difficult to manage — unlike other forms of... <more>

Information Technology, Organizations, and Work Processes

June 05, 2009     #media

This week I will be in Copenhagen to comment on papers for a conference on information technology and work processes. An excellent program of papers on everything from software development practices to the history of computing in the banking industry.... <more>

Women of Power Documentaries

April 13, 2009     #media

On Tuesday, April 14, I will be responding to a screening of the documentary “To Dream Tomorrow,” which is about computing pioneer Ada Byron Lovelace, who is often referred to as the first computer... <more>

SAS Frontiers Magazine

December 12, 2008     #media

The current issue of School of Arts & Science Frontiers magazine features a review of my recent work on the Internet and American commerce.

The article is written by B. Davin Stengel, and is... <more>

Lectronic Lovin

November 07, 2008     #media

This past year my cyberculture seminar happened to meet on Valentine’s day, and so we did a special session on online dating. One of the things to come out of that was an interview... <more>

Top-Secret Rosies

July 16, 2007     #media

I just finished filming a segment for a documentary by local film-maker LeAnn Erikson. I was just one of the talking-head historians. The real heroes of the film are the women who worked as mathematicians and “human... <more>

The Research Channel II

July 16, 2007     #media

Case Files in the History of Computing

This is the second in a series of symposium hosted by the Franklin Institute and the History & Sociology of Science department celebrating the opening of a new... <more>

University of Wisconsin

May 10, 2007     #media

On February 20th, 2007, Dr. Ensmenger will be giving a talk at the University of Wisconsin entitled “Neither Luddites nor Sages: Physicians and Professors as Reluctant Users of the Internet.”

The seminar is... <more>

Research Channel I

August 09, 2006     #media

The History of Communications in America

The Franklin Institute offers an electronic presentation of its Case Files, a collection of primary source documents that exists as an unknown repository of the history of science and... <more>

Radio Odyssey - WBEZ Chicago

May 10, 2005     #media

As rapidly as computer technology has changed, so have our hopes for – and fears about – its potential. How do we imagine the place of computers in our lives?

Historians of science and technology Nathan Ensmenger and Paul Edwards... <more>