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Michael McCann
Young Life: Greator Bloomington

The Mission

Young Life, YL, is an organization dedicated to serving at local high schools to provide a safe place for kids to go to and talk about life. YL is a global mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ in a fassion that appeals to the youth. It is oppen to anyone to attend, of any faith, and relies on leaders in that specific area to demonstrate and lead the students to Christ. One method is playing games that may seem silly, but are intended to strengthen the relationships with the leaders and students. These relationships are a key part of the mission. The leaders will share short stories from the bible with these students and say how it affected their life. If a student starts to show intrest in what is being said they are invited to attend campaigners, which is a more in depth discussion about the bible. Campaigners is the key for Young Life's success as a ministry.

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Current Schools & Leaders

Summer Camp

Each year YL goes to summer camp at a camp designed by and for the ministry. The location can vary, but the experience the campers have is always the same. Below is a quote from
During a week full of high adventure and fun, kids are given the chance to build strong friendships, hear the message of Christ’s unconditional love for them and have someone walk alongside them as they take their first steps in pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ.
As stated in the quote above the camps are directed to helping their leaders grow closer with the students and lead them towards Christ. At the end of camp there is something called a say so, which is where the students stand up and acknowledge accepting Christ for the first time.

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The picture above is Timber Wolf Lake's logo,
which is the camp YL Bloomington went to summer 2016.
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My Experience

I have been involved with YL since I was a sophomore in high school at Eastern Greene. I went to sumer camp all three years in high school and loved each and every time. Through YL I met Christ and have grown stronger in my faith each year I continue to stay involved. I am now a leder at Brown County High School, which I was placed there my freshman year, I am currently in my junior year. I love spending time out at the school both spreading the word of Christ to high schoolers and getting to know the students more. Young Life is a passion of mine that I want to continue to persue throughout my life.