Katie-WebsiteI am an associate professor in Informatics and Director of Informatics Undergraduate Studies at Indiana University – Bloomington.  I am interested in integrating pervasive technologies in health and wellness environments to study how technology affects interventions. My research interests include human computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, and health informatics. I am the coordinator of the prototyping lab in Informatics. Prior to returning to IU, I led the Wellness Innovation and Interaction Lab. (Formal Bio).

Office Hours: 6/18-7/6: 8a-9a on Mondays and Wednesdays; Location depends on current course activity – They could be in Info 267 [my office], Informatics Makerspaces [Info 001, 010], or Teter F160.

Study and Research Opportunities

  • Researchers looking for women (18 and older) who are in their third trimester and have an Apple or Android smartphone. If interested email ckresnye – at – iu.edu
  • Two funded Ph.D. positions up to 2-3 years to develop toolkits to deploy with older adults in rural, suburban, and urban areas. Potential candidates must be interested in learning quickly or experienced with maker technology. Potential candidates must be willing or experienced in user studies. Candidates are expected to have a U.S. driver’s license or willing to obtain one quickly. Contact Professor Katie Siek.

Current and Recent Activities



Student Collaborators


Contact Information

Katie A. Siek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Indiana University
919 E. 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408 USA
email: ksiek – at – indiana.edu
office: (812) 856-0598
fax: (812) 856-5754
skype: katiesiek
My office is located at Informatics East (Connector), Room 267. Parking information is available here


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