My research interests focus on randomized algorithms, and their applications to distributed computing and large-scale machine learning.

My research is supported by the following grants: NSF CCF-1525024 and NSF IIS-1633215

Note, in all papers, except mentioned otherwise, authors are ordered alphabetically.


  1. Submodular Maximization over Sliding Windows, [arXiv]
    Jiecao Chen, Huy L. Nguyen, Qin Zhang


  1. NIPS’18, Tight Bounds for Collaborative PAC Learning via Multiplicative Weights, [arXiv]
    Jiecao Chen, Qin Zhang, Yuan Zhou

  2. NIPS’18, A Practical Algorithm for Distributed Clustering and Outlier Detection [arXiv]
    Jiecao Chen, Erfan Sadeqi Azer, Qin Zhang

  3. PODS’18, Distinct Sampling on Streaming Data with Near-Duplicates,
    Jiecao Chen, Qin Zhang

  4. ICML’17, Adapting Kernel Representations Online using Submodular Maximization,
    Yangchen Pan, Matthew Schlegel, Jiecao Chen, Martha White

  5. ICML’17, Adaptive Multiple-Arm Identification, [conference version], [full version]
    Jiecao Chen, Xi Chen, Qin Zhang, Yuan Zhou

  6. VLDB’17, Bias-Aware Sketches, [arXiv]
    Jiecao Chen, Qin Zhang

  7. NIPS’16, Communication-Optimal Distributed Clustering, [conference version], [full version]
    Jiecao Chen, He Sun, David Woodruff, Qin Zhang

  8. ITCS’16, On Sketching Quadratic Forms
    Alexandr Andoni, Jiecao Chen, Robert Krauthgamer, Bo Qin, David Woodruff and Qin Zhang

  9. Algorithmica 2016, Improved Algorithms for Distributed Entropy Monitoring
    Jiecao Chen, Qin Zhang



  • Reviewer/Sub-Reviewer for: CIKM’14, ISAAC’14, NIPS’16’17, PODS’17, COLT’17, VLDB Journal, AAAI’18, ICLR’18, ICML’18, NIPS’18, ICML’19


Here is a reading group I organized at SOIC.