Turing Symposium
A celebration of Alan Turing's centenary
May 8, 2012




Theory Group

Description: Alan Turing was born on June 23, 1912. His work touched many areas in logic, computer science and cryptography. This year is the centenary of his birthday and there are several events organized throughout the world to celebrate this occasion, see this site for more details. This symposium organized by The School of Informatics and Computing Theory Group and Indiana University Program in Pure and Applied Logic aims at marking this occasion by bringing together faculty and students interested in computing and its mathematical models. We hope that this event can foster dialog and collaboration among researchers from multiple disciplines who all share the same enthusiasm for computing, its models, its analysis and its increasing importance in our society.

Invited speakers:

  1. David McCarty
  2. Steven Myers
  3. Gerardo Ortiz
  4. Alexander Razborov, Plenary speaker
  5. Luis Rocha
  6. Amr Sabry

Esfan Haghverdi (SoIC Theory Group) and Larry Moss (IU Logic Group).

School of Informatics and Computing, IU Pure and Applied Logic

All lectures are free and open to the public and will take place in Lindley Hall Room 102.