CSCI Y390 & Y391

What are these courses?

What's the difference between these two courses?

For Y391, the student is expected to complete a project, involving designing, programming etc.

Why take these courses?

Independent study enables a student to pursue for course credit a research or a topic of interest under the supervision of a faculty member. The student is expected to take the lead in an independent study.

Learning outcomes

By completing an independent study, the student

How to enroll in these courses?

Please note that enrolling in these courses requires faculty's permission. Think about what you want to study, so you can find a faculty mentor whose expertise/research area matches your topic. Contact the faculty member to check his/her availability and discuss about details (e.g., what you need to achieve to receive an A on the course). Once he/she agrees, you can follow the steps below to enroll in the course.

How your grade will be determined?

The faculty advisor with whom you work with will give you the final grade. There is no single recipe for determining the grade, depending on the faculty advisor and the type of research project you are working on.

Whom to contact if you are still confused?

Please contact the instructor ( if you have more questions regarding these courses.