Alex graduated from the School of Informatics at Indiana University, Bloomington in August 2017. He completed his BS in Computer Engineering (as well as a BA in Japanese language) at the University of Maryland College Park in 2006. He was awarded the NIST-ARRA Fellowship in 2011 to complete his MS in Mechanical Engineering, also at the University of Maryland.

Development Experience

Alex has many years of experience in software development, including web development using MySQL, PHP, and Javascript frameworks including jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. Alex maintains the frontend website for Bloomington Tutors, as well as a backend site for managing tutor and client data and activity. He has worked on machine-level software projects involving wireless MOTE sensors and FPGA boards. He has also worked on performance-oriented projects in C++ and .NET, including a suite of algorithms for manufacturability analysis and process automation in waterjet machining, and a search algorithm for comparing computer models of 3D parts based on their geometry. He currently spends most of his "free" development time on UserFrosting, an open-source user management framework that seeks to introduce novice developers to modern programming tools and best practices.

Teaching Experience

For over 6 years Alex privately tutored calculus, statistics, and engineering courses at the University of Maryland (UMD). In 2013 he founded Bloomington Tutors, which provides one-on-one tutoring services to hundreds of students at Indiana University every semester. In light of this success, he has recently launched a second location in College Park, Maryland to provide private tutoring for UMD students. He was also an assistant instructor for I201 - Mathematical Foundations of Informatics for three semesters.

Research Interests

Alex's current research interests include process automation, the role of information technology in education and mental health, and applications of data mining and machine learning to predict professional and academic success. He is currently working on a large-scale survey of authors of scientific publications, which aims to measure the value of publications as directly reported by the scientific community, and compare it to traditional citation metrics. In the past, he researched in the field of design for sustainable manufacturing. He has published in Advanced Engineering Informatics, several DETC conferences, and co-authored a chapter in the ASME Energy and Power Generation Handbook.