Apple n Stuff

Apple Inc. could be said to be the leader of them all. With their customer loyalty and simplistic design, they are at the fore-front of the tech world.

Old Best Current Best Next Best
iPod or iMac iPhone 7 Plus iFridge

Apple Homepage

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Google n Stuff

Google is the tech giant in today's world. Starting with a search engine that we all know and use daily, they have evolved into an empire owning YouTube, Android, Google Maps , and more.

Amazon n Stuff

The boss. To put it simply Amazon is taking over the market with their online sales, grocery stores, and drone-delivery.

Elon Musk n Stuff

Elon Musk, put simply, is todays tech pioneer. With so many innovations coming out of his companies, the top 3 in order are listed below.

  1. Tesla Electric Car
  2. Space X Program
  3. Hyperloop Advanced Train

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